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Payne & Comfort

The Monthly Bean - Heating Pad


By Payne & Comfort

The Monthly Bean is a reusable, microwaveable heating pad designed specifically for relieving cramps, aches and pains associated with your period. As the largest of all the hot/cold packs, the "bean" shape hugs your lower tummy for soothing relief, and the added weight is just the right amount of pressure to comfort cramps and lower back discomfort. This spooky stripes print gives off serious goth vibes and makes it feel like Halloween all year long. Made from high quality natural materials, The Monthly Bean is a perfect gift for women or anyone suffering from cramps or back issues.

Plus 10% of the proceeds will be donated to women's charities- currently The Loveland Foundation, which aims to provide opportunity and healing to communities of color, with a focus on Black women and girls.


  • Made from 100% cotton with a muslin lining & double-stitched for extra strength
  • A cotton logo tag is sewn into each product
  • Stuffed with about 25 oz. of flaxseed, which retains heat better than rice and has a nice, plush feel
  • Available with optional dried lavender buds for calming aromatherapy
  • Approximately 6" x 13"
  • Packaged with a branded instruction tag and care card inside a poly or cello baggie

TO USE HOT: Heat in the microwave 80-90 seconds with a cup of water (this prevents the pack from drying out). Do not microwave for more than 2 minutes at a time. Handle with care! Product will be hot.

TO USE COLD: Place pack in a plastic baggie and freeze for one hour to sooth discomfort and headaches. Spot clean as needed.

The Monthly Bean - Heating Pad